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Sensor technology is the eye sight, mechanics are the locomotor system of our test systems.
Both are inseparable.

The sensor records the eddy-current signals in the material mechanikundsensorik1
and is therefore the first link in a measuring sequence. The measuring sequence can only process what has been recorded by the probe system. A good “eye sight” of the sensor technology is therefore essential.

The probes must be optimized to detect physical effects respectively defects, but must also meet the requirements regarding material, geometry and complexity of the test specimen. Rohmann GmbH developed advanced probes, many of which have become global standards:

  • Miniature and large probes,
  • Probes for static and dynamic inspections,
  • Hand-held probes and
  • those that are integrated in systems.

Mechanics guide the probes or move the material.mechanikundsensorik2
All levels of mechanical systems from the simple mechanical guidance tool to automatic inspection mechanics and robot-based handling systems can be realized. To ensure the highest degree of precision and continuous quality we manufacture probes and mechanical systems with CNC-accuracy.

To ensure these high standards, Rohmann GmbH performs mechanical and electronic calibrations in accordance with national and international standards and introduced a special internal system of calibrations.