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Calibration Service – Maintenance – Calibration
of ROHMANN eddy current equipment

ROHMANN is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality instruments, systems and components for eddy current inspections and has more than three decades of experience. As manufacturer we know best whether our instruments, systems and components are in optimum technical condition. Therefore we recommend that ROHMANN-equipment be solely checked, maintained and calibrated by authorized partners. This also applies to updates and upgrades.

In addition to our factory in Frankenthal, the following partner has been authorized:

  • Rohmann LP, USA

In accordance with DIN EN 9001, our authorized partners receive a certificate that is subject to renewal every year.
The partners are trained and audited on a regular basis.

We refuse to accept any responsibility for any interventions in our products and any statements regarding our products by parties who have not been authorized by us. Our customers should be aware that they may possibly take a high safety risk, if they contact unauthorized parties. In addition, any interventions by unauthorized third parties will void all warranty claims…

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