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Pioneering Eddy Current Testing

  • Maximum stability with unsurpassed signal purity for best results with classical eddy current and harmonic analysis
  • Suitable for all types of eddy current testing: Crack, heat treatment, material mix-up and grinding burn testing
  • Maximum test reliability through comprehensive system and sensor monitoring
  • Application-specific user interfaces for simplest operation
  • Full integration through extensive I/O functions with fieldbus connection
  • Modular design allows flexible expansion with easy maintenance

startstopmotionYouTube-logo-full_color Way-Based Filters in the Elotest PL500
Variable inspection velocities do not go together well with fixed filter settings.
Rohmann’s novel „way-based filters“ do not only track the filters precisely to the part velocity,
but even the highpass filters work down to complete standstill, with unparalleled signal quality.

EMDC1YouTube-logo-full_color Electromechanical distance compensation –
EMDC – Technology from Rohmann
Difficult inspection tasks can be carried out using Rohmann‘s EMDC-Technology, for example, on:
– non-circular test parts
– test parts with complex geometries
– parts presenting concentricity problems
The distance between the sensor and the test part is electromechanically controlled and ensures:
– a consistently high level of sensitivity, even if the parts are non-circular and difficult to centre, as well as
– almost perfect compensation, even if the changes in distance are very large.

pdficon_small EMDC

2axis  Flexible 2-axis Eddy Current Desktop crack test System
This compact and modular system fills the gap between manual test assembly and automatic system.

pdficon_small Desktop Crack Test System

“FastSort” Option
The ultra fast single frequency sorting mode
with automatic signal reversal point evaluation As all kinds of sorting applications, the „Fast Sort“ Mode can be used for determination
of material properties and/or geometric variations.

pdficon_small FastSort

Single channel eddy current test instrument for automated testing tasks The single channel test instrument, designed
with protection class IP54, can be integrated directly into the production process, for example for automatic screw testing machines.

pdficon_small  Datasheet Elotest IS3

EC15_1 Compact EC15 rotor
Compact high-performance rotor for the non-contact testing of round materials, such as wires, rods and pipes
with dimensions ranging from 1.5 – 15 mm, are able to pass through it.

pdficon_smallDatasheet Rotor EC15 compact