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Research is an investment in our future
Solutions for new applications and new solutions for existing applications are our goal. The improved performance, speed and efficiency of inspection systems are the result. Implementing scientific innovation through application-oriented research creates new technologies. Just as important are scientific side-effects along this path like Teflon and microprocessors in the field of aerospace.p>

The high-temperature cryogenic conduction: A groundbreaking example
The groundbreaking example is the high-temperature cryogenic conduction which was discovered by Bednorz and Müller in 1986 and already implemented in a joint research project led by Rohmann GmbH in 1995. The goal: using the most sensitive magnetic field probes in the world for eddy-current inspections for special areas of application.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with competent partners
The close collaboration with leading labs, technology partners and areas of applied research has yielded results that would not have been possible without our partners. New components, new materials and methods result in the most modern and powerful test systems currently available in the market.

Rohmann GmbH sets international standards
With this stance Rohmann GmbH also sets standards for international norms and guidelines that describe the state of technology. Our edge in know-how is our edge in technology.