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The customers are the cornerstone of our company


Who we are
Rohmann GmbH is a mid-sized company specializing in eddy-current based non-destructive materials testing. Around the world our eddy-current applications are on the cutting edge. Trend-setting instrument technology and innovative inspection concepts are our trademarks. Our products range from universal hand-held instruments to customized inspection systems.

Customer satisfaction is our success
The satisfaction of our customers is our no. 1 priority. Therefore it goes without saying that we provide our customers with optimal technical advice and service. Customer service also means receiving feedback. That way we can further improve our products and adapt them to meet the customers’ requirements.

Quality is the backbone of our work
Rohmann GmbH maintains an efficient quality-management system (QM-system). It has been certified by the DQS in accordance with DIN EN 9001 since 1999 and fulfils the highest international standards. Core objectives are the continued improvement of the staff’s qualifications, the continuous development of all quality procedures and the ongoing optimization of all technical facilities.

Research is an investment in our future
Our goals are solutions for new applications and new solutions for existing applications. The results are improved performance, speed and efficiency of the test systems. To do so Rohmann GmbH focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration with leading labs, technology partners and areas of applied research.